This was the first ceilidh I had ever organised and I was quite nervous on how the organising side of things would go. The band was extremely helpful and offered excellent advice, so that my fundraiser at the Golden Lion hotel in Stirling (12th March 2014) went really well.
The music was just fantastic! The band knew how to create a great atmosphere with the dancers and how to make it all fun and easy going. Craig was able to call excellent dance choices and helped demonstrate how they were done, as most of the people dancing were foreign students who had never been to a ceilidh before. The band was clearly very experienced and knew when to get people dancing, when to take breaks, and helped out with my fundraising events during the break. As a result, everyone had a great time!

I would highly recommend the Skelpit Lugs for any ceilidh as they are just amazing! Thank you very much for a fantastic night. Looking forward to organising the next one!
Chris Evennett                 event organiser           13th March 2014