We're back from honeymoon and just wanted to say a huge thank you for the band's performance on our wedding day (16th April at the Scores Hotel, St Andrews).

I think before the big day you mentally prepare a tick list of how you hope things will go on the day and hope the band achieve half of what you'd like, but the Skelpit Lugs ticked the lot! Everybody, and I mean everybody, capable of dancing was up and loving it. The ceilidh newcomers are all trying to work out a way they can get themselves to another Ceilidh and it seemed to be a great way of mixing everyone together as they now appear to all be friends with each other despite a lot of them not having met before the wedding day.

Whilst I think a lot of them were tired out by the time the Lugs finished up, they'd have all happily carried on for another two hours given the chance.

As well as the newcomers there were some seasoned pros to the ceilidh dancing and they were equally impressed with the Lugs.
The atmosphere the band created with the calling was also exactly spot on as we had hoped, with everyone quickly realising that they were allowed to get things wrong and that this only adds to the fun. I think this was a huge factor in making sure that everyone was up and dancing.

I'd be happy to be contacted by anyone who wants a reference for Skelpit Lug in the future and would assure them that they'd definitely be picking the right band for their event.

Many thanks once again, please keep 16th April 2060 free in the band's schedule for our Golden Wedding anniversary!

Robert Hagan   29th April 2010